WeVu for
Music & Theatre

Finally, students can 'hand in' their work and teachers can mark it up with time-specific comments. A great complement to in-person teaching.

Give feedback with more impact in your one-on-one teaching.

Teaching Music Online with WeVu

WeVu has made quality online violin “lessons” possible. My students upload videos to WeVu. I then leave WeVu comments. After the student has had time to look over the comments, we meet up via Zoom for 10 - 30 minutes to discuss whatever couldn’t be addressed by my WeVu comments. I was thrilled that WeVu solved the Zoom problems of terrible tone quality, a constantly-freezing stream, and sound that doesn’t align with the motion. However, my students and I have quickly discovered other advantages: having to make recordings has proven to be motivational for practice and being able to see and hear exactly what I’m talking about has helped students understand what they need to change.

I heartily recommend WeVu for people teaching online music lessons.

We know you need to see and hear your students in person. We get it.
But why not add to your toolbox?

WeVu just lets you add to your teaching toolbox.  Video submissions from students so they do more, and more focussed, practice. You can subtract some of the challenges of in-person feedback or Skype and Zoom meetings.

Phone cameras plus the cloud enable more practice, more feedback, and better feedback. Plus, WeVu is for applications and video auditions too!

Music educators helped build WeVu at UBC in Vancouver

We can't say it any better than teachers themselves


Queen's University Music

'They were happier; I was happier.' I used WeVu with a guitar class. Two tests were on WeVu.
A great deal of class time was saved for instruction instead of summative assessment.
Some students tend not to perform well in front of others. Allowing uploads removed the nervousness factor.
Students can record many takes and submit their best performances through WeVu. So I can set higher standards for their performances.
It is much easier to give detailed feedback through WeVu than during an in-class session.

I allowed students to submit videos well before deadlines. I was able to assess and give feedback on their submissions within a day, allowing them to re-record, re-submit before the deadline and obtain higher grades. They were happier; I was happier.

Jeff Hanlon , Guitar Professor

Eric Jones Piano

I see video as a key strategy for motivating students and helping them to be exposed to both great performances and feedback on their own playing.

Eric Jones , Private Piano Teacher

Indiana Wesleyan Music

WeVu has been a remarkable asset in my conducting classroom! The students are able to dive in deeply to assess every detail of their conducting technique and comment on it in a very specific way. As their teacher, the ability to ask direct questions and give specific feedback is invaluable!


University of Victoria School of Music

It is a great tool, especially in situations when there is no time for talk.


UBC - Vancouver School of Music

This is a fantastic way for students to review their own playing and for professors to give highly specific feedback.

Dr. Rob Taylor , Professor, Director of Bands

UBC - Vancouver School of Music

I think WeVu is a really good device, especially for learning conducting. I am glad my professor decided to use this system. THANK YOU very much for designing and bringing this interface to university learning!

Student , Conducting Student

How are Music and Theatre Schools using WeVu?

* In regular classes, for student submission of practice and assignments

* Recording of studio classes for review and discussion

* Student dialogue on video and audio from the web (e.g. opera history)

* Annotation of scores or set designs saved as images

* Academic presentations

* Auditions and admissions

See students practice!

See them practice and give feedback across time and space

Paper & email for feedback?

A mix of paper, email, and in-person feedback isn’t efficient. Now that everyone has a high-quality recording device and we can share video and audio so effectively, it’s time to go digital for practice and feedback. Leave comments on a video!

You don't need to be there

Students expect more feedback, coaching, and mentoring than ever. But the demanding schedules of faculty make it really difficult to give enough feedback.
Whip through your students' recordings and leave meaningful points for them to work on.

Phones and the Cloud. Simple.

Students upload practice videos and faculty give pointed, personal, time-stamped feedback. Students already take lots of video and upload it to YouTube and Instagram! They find it easy to do this and natural to get feedback this way.

WeVu breaks the barriers of time and space for practice and feedback. Think of the flexibility for faculty, students, and the school.

Schools of Music and Theatre tell us that better feedback and more practice is worth a few dollars per student per year.

WeVu is for learning skills.
Lots of different performing arts skills.

Here's a screenshot of a conducting student.
The comments pane on the right has the professor's comments and the student's responses.

WeVu is built for teachers to give feedback easily and effectively

WeVu is also a powerful, all-purpose video management system for your program, college, school, university, or business

But in fact we care more that learners are practicing and getting feedback. The fact that WeVu does old-fashioned watch-and-learn video is just a bonus.