Simple video sharing for athletes and coaches.
For pinpoint, specific, actionable feedback.

Athletes or coaches record on any device.
Time-stamped coaching points.
Even for coaching coaches!
If you're a coach, you can coach anyone, anywhere, anytime with WeVu!

How it works

Record training, coaching sessions, and games. Upload the video for private and peer feedback. 

Coaches and clubs can assign 'homework' and
make sure it gets done!
(Check out our blog post on sports homework with video feedback)

Athletes and coaches will see what they can do better. Time-specific comments. Play from the moment of each comment to see what the coach is talking about.

Efficient personalized coaching  

There's a lot of wasted time and money in youth sports.

Players, clubs, and coaches can be a lot more efficient with remote video feedback.

This makes all your in-person training that much more productive because athletes have done their homework and coaches have started the feedback process.

A Player's Perspective

Evan Point Guard

Basketball - 16U

This really helped my game, and my confidence. Sometimes I think my 'real' coach doesn't understand me. My WeVu coach gave me three important things to work on and it really paid off.

Why use WeVu?

Lots of reasons.


Team coaches are thinking about the team. Sure they can help individual players, but they can't give every player all the advice they need. It wouldn't be fair. With WeVu you get a coach dedicated to you. Someone in your corner. Someone who will be honest with you about how to get the most from your talent.

A second opinion

The tape don't lie.

Your 'real' coach can't see everything. Maybe you feel your coach doesn't understand your game. With WeVu you can get a second opinion.

Plus great advice on on how to make a bigger impact that every coach will recognize.

Phones + Cloud. 

It's simple.  Players or parents upload practice and game video so coaches can easily go through the video and give pointed, personal, time-stamped feedback. Players already take lots of video and upload it to YouTube and Instagram! Why not get more out of it.

A few of our coaches (you could be here)


Gregor Young has been Technical Director for 15 years is now Executive Director at Vancouver United FC, one of the larger youth clubs in Canada. As a player, Gregor played college soccer at UBC, winning 3 national championships, went on to a pro career in the Canadian Soccer League, and was capped by the Canadian National Team. He has numerous coaching qualifications and is a qualified Learning Facilitator to train other coaches. Gregor has coached boys and girls teams at various levels. To see how he picks out detail in soccer in the WeVu app, click here.

Gregor Young - Soccer Coach, Club Technical Director

Mr. Lindsay Huddleston is the founder of Sport Psychology Solutions, a non-profit that provides sport psychology consulting to vulnerable populations throughout the United States. Lindsay holds a Master’s in Psychology with specialization in Sport Psychology. He travels the USA to present to athletes and non-athletes about mental toughness and social media etiquette. He has worked with amateur and professional athletes in multiple sports and is also a USA Basketball Youth Development Academy national speaker. Lindsay has been an athlete and coach at his alma mater Detroit Henry Ford High School. Coach Huddleston is an experienced video coach, working with athletes at, and heading to, Division 1 programs, including Michigan State. His approach is to reinforce players' positives, building confidence, and challenging them to work on one or two things at a time to take their game and their leadership to the next level.

Lindsay Huddleston - Basketball Coach, Sports Psychology, Community Leadership

WeVu really works.
Look at the advice this ambitious young player gets.

Here's a screenshot of a 13U basketball player with the comments his coach made.
Now he's got stuff to work on by himself, in practices, and to keep thinking about in games.

He can click on the play button on each comment to see exactly what the coach was talking about.

WeVu is built for players and coaches.
Try it for coach development and certification too.

WeVu is also a powerful, all-purpose video management system for any sports program, educational program, or business.