Discover 5 Big Benefits of a Complete Video Program for Youth Soccer Clubs

Video isn't just for game review. It's for learning the game, coach development, player skills homework, parent understanding, and player evaluations.

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Inside: Lots of How-Tos

Detailed ideas and procedures

Here's a video uploaded to WeVu. It's a session led by a young professional coach. The video is ready for feedback from the club technical director or other staff. You can click the WeVu button below the video to open it in WeVu and try making a comment, or jump to one of the coach's interventions.

  • Recording

    Three pages of details and procedures for recording games. And getting parents to record games well.
  • How you start a video program​​​​​

    Lots of tips for starting slowly with the right teams and coaches, then building momentum so it goes club-wide. 
  • Video for a better club culture​​​​​

    A bit of video instruction for PARENTS goes a long way. Develop a little video course so parents understand your club's playing culture and player development goals.

What video will do for your club

... and how to make it easy for you, coaches, parents, and players

Skills Homework

Now that there's a smartphone video camera and wifi in almost every home... Coaches can assign skills homework that players self-record to show they've done it and get feedback.

Coach Development

Both staff and parent coaches can self-record and get feedback from the club. Coaching mentors and assessors don't have to go to the field! And it takes a lot of the stress out of performing.

Evaluations - Tryouts

Ready to transform your player evaluation process? It'll be cheaper, easier, and you'll have more evidence to go on when you're selecting teams.

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50 cents per player

Three years of WeVu at 50 cents per registered player at U9 and above!

We're normally charging 90 cents per player.

Sites for every team

Annual provisioning of team sites with coaches as site owners and technical staff as super-users to see all sites.

Premium support

3 hours of premium support and onboarding with WeVu founder and youth coach Fred Cutler.

About the Author

Fred Cutler

Fred Cutler is a experienced youth coach who has taken club teams at Vancouver United FC to league titles and promotion. In this book Fred shares the big benefits and detailed strategies to use video in nearly everything that youth soccer clubs do. Fred has seen great success using video with his teams from U10 to U18.  He's lucky to have a 'lip' on one of the local fields to practice his reaction and control for his over-50s games -- check it out!

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A Complete Video Program for Youth Soccer Clubs

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