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Commenting on Image and PDF files

WeVu accepts most image file formats and PDFs!

Drawing and highlighting with comments is possible at any zoom level.

You can make comments zoomed in and they will ‘stick’ the right place when you zoom out, or vice versa.

Comments appear, like for videos, on the right. Clicking the Play button on a comment will make that comment’s location display in the viewer.

Note that viewer controls are at the top and allow you to go to specific pages, zoom, search text, open the navigation sidebar, and print.

You Upload image and pdf files just like videos, from the Upload page.

Here’s what it looks like, with the opening sentence of Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities highlighted.



Making Drawings and Comments

Comments are initiated by using one of the drawing or higlighting tools that appear in a bar below the image or PDF.

Arrow – Dot – Circle – Rectangle – Highlight Text – Strikethrough Text – Freehand Drawing

On images you can draw: arrows, dots, circles, rectangles, and freehand.

On PDFs you can use those drawing tools plus highlight text and strikethrough text.

You select the tool you want and then use your mouse/trackpad to place that drawing or highlight. (You can move it later if you wish)

Once you release the drawing or highlight you’ll get a comment entry window. Click Save or hit shift-enter to post the comment.


The set of tools on the right is for manipulating comments that are already there.

Delete – Move – Hide Preview Text on Image/PDF – Hide Text and Drawings – Full Screen View


You can also still make general comments below the image or PDF.


Please tell your friends and colleagues about group PDF and image annotation. It’s way cheaper tto use WeVu for this than using Adobe Creative Cloud!

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