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Customizing WeVu sites

Change the settings for video uploading, comment visibility, and more.

Customize your WeVu site (for instructors, coaches, administrators)

WeVu is a VERY flexible platform for sharing and discussing media. Each site (but not each assignment or group) can be configured to allow owners and site users the right access to media and to discussions on them.

From the Manage screen (click left menu), go to “Customize, rename, or remove site”.

General Site Settings (at the top of this section)

  • Remove the site (Delete the site)
  • Change the site name (Rename)
  • Lock the site settings so other instructors/admin do not change them without a warning

Choose From Site Templates:

  • Peer review: All site users can view all videos, but comments are only visible within groups.
  • Video submission portal: For use in admissions or for video assignments. Users see a simplified interface for uploading and submitting videos to reviewers.
  • Audioboard: The view and commenting interface is geared toward audio/video posts (though text is still available) and site owners can see users’ private comments for assessment of their performance.
  • Live event response: Site owners can invite users, including those signed up live at an event, to give time-tagged responses on their own devices in realtime, such as for classroom activities or presentation feedback. Those attending the event who are signed in will receive a notification that the event is starting and they can make comments. They do not see the video streaming. Later, the video is uploaded and synced with the comments automatically.

Individual Settings:

  • Users’ uploading and sharing options. Here is where you would allow users/students to upload only to the instructor/site-owner or, alternatively, to upload and share to everyone (all other users/students)
  • Interface and Comment options. Here is where you can turn off either time-specific (timeline) or general comments, make comments anonymous, make the site public, and allow public comments without logging in.
  • Other settings. Here are settings for whether users/students can see each other’s comments, whether they can see your (site owner/instructor/TA) comments — which can be turned back on again when comments/feedback/grading is done, muting videos, and making the media list on the Watch & Discuss screen alphabetical instead of most recent first.

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