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Creating a new WeVu site

Create a New WeVu Site

On any of our paid plans, you can create more sites to use for different groups (classes, work teams, events, etc.)

With the Manage Site (or Manage Course) screen you can create a new site, set site options, manage users, and share your site.

To Create a new site, unfold that section by clicking on it. 

  • Name the site and add owners or administrators with their email addresses. They will receive an email to access the course (and create an account if they don’t have one). If you think the user already has a WeVu account but don’t know what email they use to login, it’s best to send them an Invite link instead (see below).
  • Set site options. The first section in the long list of options consists of site ‘templates’ which change options to tailor WeVu for different use cases. Below that templates section the rest of the options can be toggled on or off now or at any time (if later, you use Customize). The most important options are “Members’ upload and sharing options” which determine what site members (students) can do with their videos.
    More guidance on Site Settings Customization is here.
  • Click Create Site

Customize a site gives you the same options, but for a site that is already created. Select the site and make any changes.

Inviting Users to Your New Site

You can Invite users by sending a link or adding a list of email addresses:

  • To send them a link, unfold the Invite users section.
    Use the left-hand button to copy the link to send to site users (not adminstrators or instructors). This will allow them to register and access the site in the user  (student) role.
    The right-hand link is to use to send to people who will be site administrators or other instructors/administrators/coaches.
    You simply click on either link on this page and it is automatically added to your clipboard for pasting into an email or other communication.
  • To add users in either role by inputting a list of email addresses, unfold the Add users section.
    Paste in the emails with each one on a separate line or separated by commas. When you add them, those people will receive an email with a link to join the site.

Note: If you don’t know what email address they will want to use in WeVu, it’s best to send them a link from the Invite section instead.


For our complete Getting Started for Instructors/Profs/Teachers/Coaches, click here.

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