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Set up your sites for performance auditions

How to set up a video audition submission sites for each of your divisions (department, section, etc.). We expect this process to take about one hour for an staff member in a typical school.

The goal is to allow the assessors to see only the auditions that they need to see. They will have access to the applicants’ videos online and will be able to give their assessment right in the WeVu system. Applicants may also submit pdfs (transcripts, staments of intent) to their WeVu submission box.

This guide assumes that WeVu has already set up your dedicated school instance and you have provided WeVu with the names and emails of those who will be administrators of the site. Those people will be able to create the audition submission sites, generate the URLs to send to applicants in the various divisions, add faculty members to the appropriate sites, and manage the videos and other materials.

Video Audition Submission Sites

First, you need to have divisions defined (e.g. string, woodwinds, etc.) and each one will have a set of faculty assessors. (Faculty may be members of more than one division)

You will create a separate WeVu ‘course’ site for each division. You should determine a naming convention for these sites so they are easy to organize and to roll over from year to year. They should probably include the name of the division and the year(s) for which the applications apply; something like “Strings_19-20_UBC_Music”.

Create the Sites

From any screen, go to Manage Site (or Manage Course).

To Create a new site, unfold that top section by clicking on it.

  1. Name the site (course)

  2. Add faculty assessors for that division only in the “Administrators” (or TAs) area by entering their email address. (You will need to have standard email addresses for each faculty member that can be used from year to year because that is the email with which the faculty member will log into WeVu.)
  3. Set the site as a Video submission portal. The first section in the long list of options consists of site ‘templates’ which change options to tailor WeVu for different use cases. You need the Video submission portal option. Check it and leave everything else unchecked.
  4. Scroll down and click Create site (or Create course)

Links for Applicants

Once you have created each of the sites, you will want to record the links for easy access later. You may want to put these links directly on your website, but there are risks with other people uploading video if they find the link. You may instead choose to insert the links in an application guide distributed as a pdf. Or you can just email the appropriate link to each applicant.

(Don’t worry, even if someone other than an applicant finds the link, creates an account, and uploads, only faculty and administrators will notice. All applicants’ files in WeVu are invisible to each other, of course, as long as the Video submission portal template selection is checked and the other boxes are left empty.)

To get each link go to the Manage page and click on the Invite users section.  Click once on the YELLOW link, which is the one for Site Users (students). You must not give them the orange link because then they could see other applicants’ submissions!

Inviting Faculty to Your Sites (later)

You have added the faculty assessors to the site as you created it. But if you need to add or subtract anyone later, you do that by entering their email address in the “Add users to a course by email” or “Drop…” sections. When you add someone who does not yet have an account, that person will receive an email with a link to join the site.

Informing Applicants and Faculty

We have Word templates for instructions for applicants and for faculty.

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