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Importing from YouTube to WeVu

Many users want to include YouTube videos in WeVu sites and playlists. That’s easy, and the videos just become regular WeVu videos with all the features just as if they had been uploaded to WeVu directly.

YouTube can also be useful to get faster uploading for large video files. YouTube has unmatched upload speed because YouTube nodes are all around the world, very close to users.

To Upload to YouTube

Go to youtube.com and make sure you’re logged into your YouTube or Google account.

Click on the little video-camera-plus icon on the right side of the top bar, just to the left of your profile circle. Then choose Upload Video.

Before  you choose your file(s), click the little box in the middle that says Public and change it to Unlisted. That way, your videos are only visible with the link. You’ll be providing the link in WeVu.

Find your video from your files and it will begin uploading.

You’ll get a screen like this:

Before you click Done, grab the YouTube link URL. It’s just beneath the thumbnail picture on the left. Copy that so you can paste it into WeVu. Just make sure the box at the bottom right says “Unlisted” like in this picture. Then click Done.

Importing to WeVu

Log into WeVu and then choose Upload from the left menu.

You choose YouTube as the source and how you want to share the video (private, to an assignment, or to everyone).

Then simply paste in the YouTube URL into the “URL of Video ID” box in the middle of the screen.

Then click the Upload button and you’re done!

If you want to make sure you got the sharing right, the video will be either in your Private Media or Shared Media areas. Find it there and check to make sure it’s shared properly. If not, you can change it there.

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