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WeVu Pricing

WeVu serves many learning situations in formal education, athletics, the arts, and business. This makes our pricing structure a bit complicated. Here's a rundown.

General or Custom WeVu Instances

Some organizations contact us to get a dedicated WeVu instance where access is paid for centrally. If your organization has set this up for you, it's likely that your access will be unlimited and you don't need to worry about payment. On a few of these sites, learners are asked to pay, so you will set up new sites (courses) and choose to have the students pay individually.

The rest of this pricing information applies to users on our general instances. Those are ones where you've signed up from our website. Your URL will be app.wevu.video/sites or app.wevu.video/edu or app.wevu.video/coach.

You and your users will always log in from the base instance URL, such as the ones above. Make sure you know which instance you're using.

Free Forever Personal Site

When you site up for a Free site from our website we create you a free personal site you can use forever. We automatically name it with your First and Last name and then "Personal Site".  You can keep and use that site with videos that aren't uploaded to WeVu -- instead you can import them from YouTube and Dropbox and other servers by pasting in a sharing URL. You can share that site with up to 15 users. (You may upload image and pdf files to your site.)

We recommend you do not rename this site.

Normal WeVu Sites

You may create any number of additional sites. These have a 30 day trial before a payment prompt comes up. At the moment, you can't pay until that prompt comes up. When it does, you choose whether the site is set so you pay centrally or the individual users (students) pay.

If you are paying, you choose a license plan by choosing the currency and whether it's a 4 or 12 month license.  Then you pay for the number of learners or users you have.

If you are a team coach or a music teacher, you should choose that option so you can pay a flat fee monthly for up to 25 students or athletes.

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