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WeVu Quick Start Guide for Field Operations and Construction

It only takes 10 minutes and then your people can share video, images, and PDFs with commenting

Thanks for signing up to try a WeVu site. You’ll need to

  1. Create your account (2 minutes)
  2. Create a WeVu Site where you are the ‘Site Owner’ (2 minutes)
  3. Choose some settings (3 minutes)
  4. Share the site with your team (3 minutes)
  5. Upload a media file (video/audio/image/PDF) or set an Assignment (a few minutes)
  6. Tell your team how to upload & share video to managers, supervisors, or the whole team (1 minute)

That’s it. You should be able to do all that in around 10 minutes.

1.       Create your account

When you signed up for a free site on our website, we sent you a couple of emails. Click on the link in the first email we sent; the one with the subject: Invitation to register your WeVu account . The link there takes you to a login screen and you should use the link at the bottom that says: “Don’t have an account? Sign up”.

Once you’ve done that, you can log in immediately. If you don’t get a screen inviting you to login, just use the link from the email again and then login. From now on you will use WeVu from https://app.wevu.video/sites.

2.     Create your team site

You’ll land on the main Watch & Discuss screen in your own Personal Site. This screen is where most of the action happens, but first you should create your new site or sites for your team.
Click on the “Manage” link in the left menu.

At the top of the Manage screen, click to unfold the Create a new site section.

Name the Site. You may eventually have many WeVu sites for different teams and purposes. So give it an informative name with a structured title. You can always rename it later, though.

If you want to share the site immediately with other adminstrators or supervisors, enter their email addresses in the boxes below. You can always add them later or do so by sending them a link if you wish.

The create site button is at the bottom of the screen, but now’s a good time to also set the settings for the site, so…

3.     Choose site settings

On this same screen before clicking the button at the bottom to create the site, choose your site settings. (These can be changed any time).

The first four settings are presets that govern multiple settings.

Below this you can choose whether all site users can upload media and share only to owners/adminstrators/supervisors or can share to everyone in the team.  MOST sites are set up with the first of those boxes checked, which allows users to upload, but only share their media files to the site administrators. Owners/administrators can always change this for any particular file to share it to all users.

There are other settings here enable you to disable timeline or general comments, to hide site users’ comments from their peers (if they are all commenting on the same media files), to hide owners/supervisors’ comments from users temporarily, and to make the site public. Other settings are available.

If you need help setting up your sites, we’d be happy to advise. Please email us at support@wevu.video.

Once you have chosen the settings, click the Create Site button and then click through the confirmation screens.

4.     Share the site with your team

This part is easy. Stay on the Manage screen and use the Invite users to a site with a link section.

Make sure your intended site is in the Select Site box at the top of this section. Then just click the button on the left in the Invite Site Users box that says “Copy Link for Members, Students, Trainees, Players”. The link gets copied to your clipboard, so just paste it in an email message or on a workgroup site. Keep it somewhere; we guarantee people will ask for it!

It’s important to know that once a person has used one of these links to enrol in a site, they don’t need to do so again. From then on they would log in at https://app.wevu.video/sites (or a dedicated instance link if your organization has its own corporate instance).

You may wish to include this link to our User Getting Started Guide: http://support.wevu.video/support/kb#/articles/y7manYQE/quick-start-guide
(That’s not this guide; it’s one intended for regular site users)

5.     Upload a File or Define an Assignment (or both!)

To Upload

  1. Go to the Upload screen (click from left menu), chose a site and a source and a sharing status.
  2. Choose the file from your computer and click Upload. Leave the browser tab open while it uploads. You can go to another tab or to another program on your computer and work on something else. When it’s done, check that it’s visible in the Watch & Discuss screen.
    A fuller guide, including how to upload from mobile, is here.

To Define an Assignment or Playlist

  1. Go to Assignments or Playlists (click from left menu), give it a name, and click Create Assignment. Now when your team members go to Upload, they can choose the Assignment or playlist to which they want to submit in their media file.
  2. You can view the submissions to that Assignment on the Watch & Discuss screen from the Playlists – Groups – Assignments dropdown which is found top-centre of that main screen.

6.     Letting team members know how to hand in assignments

Handing in videos and other media to WeVu is explained in this article. Direct your users to: http://support.wevu.video/support/kb#/articles/3wQXzbWK/handing-in-submitting-videos-and-other-media-to-assignments . Or just send them to WeVu support and they can find it by searching for Handing In.

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