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Creating your first activity when you’re using WeVu for Training and PD in Sales & Customer Service

Getting Started with WeVu for  Sales & Customer Service

This is a quick guide to set up your WeVu site and inform your users about how they can do their first training or role-playing activity.

  1. You should have your WeVu site or multi-site instance already created. If not, please contact support@wevu.video and give us the name you prefer for your site, keeping in mind that you might in the future have other sites (or, ‘courses’) in WeVu. If you have signed up for a Free personal site, you may go to the Manage screen and create another site for your team. Here’s the article for that.

    Ensure that the appropriate people (instructors, team leads, administrators) have the site owner/instructor role in you site. This means they can go to Manage Sites and are able to add and invite and drop users, change course settings, and so on. To add users, go to Invite or Add Users on the Manage page, which we describe here.

  2. You and other site owners should familiarize yourselves with the options for setting up the site in the Manage Site – Customize Site area. If you are uncertain about which settings to choose, get in touch with us at support@wevu.video and we’ll discuss what’s best for your needs.
  3. Now define the first activity you wish the team members to record for feedback. First think of an appropriate name. Then write a description of the activity or assignment you can give your team through email or your learning management site. (You can also upload the description as a PDF into your WeVu site.
    We recommend a very detailed description of the activity for your users including:

    1. Objectives
    2. Expected content to be recorded
    3. Suggested length
    4. Prompts required, or the role of a role-playing partner
    5. How to record the activity
    6. Set expectations for the feedback or assessment that will be received
  4. Next, decide whether the activity will be structured:
  • A. so members will share the video with only the team lead or trainer,
  • B. or instead, if the activity will involve peer review and therefore full visibility of each other’s videos.

If… the answer is a., go to Assignments and create an Assignment with the activity name.
If the answer is b., go to Playlists (Create Playlist) and create a Playlist with the activity name.

  1. Send instructions to your team members for signing up to the site. To do this, go to Manage Site and click to unfold the Invite Users tab. Choose the left-hand link to invite participants (or “site users”). Send them that link and when they create an account (or login with previous details) they will be automatically enrolled in your site.

    Include in your communication, and call your users’ attention to, our guide to phone recordings.

  2. Ensure your users have read our support article on recording, uploading, and handing in their media files to an Assignment in WeVu. It’s here: Handing in (Submitting) Videos and other Media to Assignments.
  3. Once the video is shared appropriately and the trainer or team lead logs in, he/she can watch the video and add timeline and general comments as feedback. When this is done, you can notify the person who uploaded the video that the feedback has been given and it is ready for review. [email notifications from WeVu are coming soon.]

Make sure everyone has had a look at our guide to recording so the file sizes don’t get crazy big. It’s here: Recording video (best practices).

Please contact support@wevu.video if you get into any difficulty at any time. We’ll try to get back to you in a few hours. If you have a WeVu emergency, please call 604-441-3641 for support.

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