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Sharing WeVu player outside WeVu (embedding and link sharing)

Embedding WeVu in other sites and sharing links to public viewing

WeVu allows you to:

  1. Use HTML code to embed the WeVu player or just a button link in other websites
  2. Share links for people to see media or playlists in WeVu without logging in. (Only if Public view is switched on for a WeVu site).


Embed WeVu video in another site

  1. Click the Sharing icon at the top right of the Watch & Discuss screen. 
  2. You will see the Share or embed video box. There are a number of options.
  • If you do not Enable public view on this site, you can still grab the embed code that starts with “<iframe width…” and paste that HTML code into another site. Users will only see the video if they are already logged into WeVu in the same browser as they view this embedded video.
    • You have the option to Add the “discuss this media” button under the minimal player
  • If you Enable public view on this site you can then share either a whole playlist or just the one video
    • you can share them as a direct link or as code to embed in another site
    • to choose these options select what you want from this line in the upper middle of the box

    • if you want users to be able to download the video, click the box at the top
    • if you want to allow anonymous users to post comments, click that box
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