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Download Analytics / Usage Data (Site Owners, Instructors, Admin only)

Site Analytics, Usage Data, and Comment Download

WeVu allows you to extract fine-grained information as a csv (comma-separated values) file that you can open in Excel or another spreadsheet.

To do so, you click the Chart icon at the very top-right of the Watch & Discuss screen.

The things you can get immediately are:

  • Timeline comments and general comments in this video
    (choose this if you just want the comments with their author, with each comment in its own row of the table)
  • Timeline comments and general comments with extra metadata for backup purposes

Comprehensive reports for this site

Activity on a particular video

  • All video viewing and posting metrics in this video
    (choose this is you want each user’s comment and viewing activity, including reading and writing, with word counts, plus number of views and viewing coverage per user)

If you have any questions about this data or how to use it, please contact us at support@wevu.video.

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