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Creating Groups

To Create a Group

Click on Groups on the left menu. Ensure that the Select Site box in the middle has the site or course you want. When you select it, you should look in the box with names to see the list of users you are expecting to see. Consider whether you want groups numbered, named, or titled with the names of the people in the group. You could call a group “David, Farouz, Michelle, Bozena”, for example.

Give the Group a name. To create the group you must select a minimum of two users from the Group Non-Members box on the left. This is because each person is already, automatically, his/her own individual ‘group’ – you don’t need to create one for an individual as each user has his/her own ‘hand-ins’ group.

So select one user and then select additional users by using ctrl-click (Win) or cmd-click (Mac) or a range of users by clicking one user and then shift-click the last user you want. Once you have all your users selected, use the right arrow button to move them into the Group Members box. Then click the Create Group button.

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