Sales, Presentations,
Customer Relations

There's no substitute for seeing how you interact with others.
If you, your team, or your students are presenting, selling, or dealing with customers... 

They need role-playing. Learning happens when you record it, share it, and give feedback on it. 

Here's our blog post on how sales teams can use video to make the onboarding process much more efficient and cost-effective.

Video for Sales Onboarding
Save money, time, and resources, and train people better, by doing…Salesperson Onboarding with Video PracticeIf you’re a sales manager, you[...]

Why use video?

  • Just for the practice. Recording practice and role-playing focusses the mind and burns learning in.
  • For effective feedback. When you comment on a specific moment in a video and the person can digest the feedback on their own, they're more likely to take it on board.
  • To master the material, without wasting the time of the supervisor or teacher. 
  • To record real interactions for quality assurance.
  • For team-building and learning through peer coaching.

Finally, a technology built for improving skills

Easy video sharing and pinpoint feedback for better learning.

Research Supported Innovation. This Works.

See practice. Without being there.

See them practice and give feedback across time and space

Better presentations

Sure, we get a little better at presentations practicing once and doing them every now and then. But you need concentrated learning  and you get that from deliberate practice, self-reflection, and feedback. 

Streamlined onboarding

Train with WeVu for a fraction of the cost. Your team will practice the skills they need when it's convenient. Distributed teams can do this anywhere. Using WeVu to store and organize your team's self-recorded video, you and other managers and trainers can really coach them.

Phone cameras and the Cloud

WeVu allows learners to upload practice videos easily.  Trainers and teachers can easily go through them and give pointed, personal, time-stamped feedback. Learn

WeVu breaks the barriers of time and space for practice and feedback

WeVu is for learning skills.

For example, Here's a screenshot of a nursing student, recorded on a phone by the third member of this group. The comments pane on the right has the professor's comments and the student's responses.

Use WeVu for any skill that can be recorded on a phone.
WeVu is also a powerful, all-purpose video management system for your program, college, school, university, or business

But we care more that learners are practicing and getting feedback. The fact that WeVu does old-fashioned watch-and-learn video is just a bonus.