How WeVu Works

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There are so many ways to use WeVu.

That’s what makes it such an appealing solution for learning, training, and quality assurance. There are lots of ways WeVu is helping save teachers and managers time. We see better outcomes in education, training, business operations, and sports clubs.

It all starts with an assignment or exercise or task…

Set the Activity

Figure out what your students and employees need to do. They're more confident when an activity is focused and fairly short.

Give clear instructions on what will be recorded. In a formal simulation activity you’ll be there to do this. On other assignments, students need a detailed description of the activity. On a worksite it would be a normal activity from training or a technical manual. 

You can even provide video demonstration that they watch in WeVu beforehand. And it can have pre-discussion Q&A right on the video so people really understand what they’ll be doing.

Turn them loose

They record themselves, or get recorded, using any device. This is where you save a lot of time. Instructors, managers, coaches, and peers don’t have to madly take notes. They don’t even have to be there! 

This first part of the magic is the practice or performance itself. Half the battle is just to make sure they do it and video recording gives you that assurance.

Then they upload to WeVu. Files can be privately shared only with the teacher or manager; within peer groups or work teams; or for the whole class, team, or training group.

Feedback & DIALOGUE

Now the second part of the magic happens. You can be anywhere, anytime. Go through the videos. You don’t have to spend all that time in person watching painfully as the feedback goes in one ear and out the other of your learners or employees.

You put as much feedback as you want right on the timeline of the video when you notice something that needs improvement. You can summarize your feedback and coaching in the general comments area. Best of all, the student or employee can get this feedback right away and keep it forever, consulting it before the next time doing this activity.

It's a more effective way to help students & employees do things right.

Let them master skills by repeating them, with feedback.

Skills you have to see and hear.

It's difficult to see everyone perform, let alone give them feedback. So why not let them record their practice themselves, on their phones?

Make sure.

We ask learners to practice and employees to do things right. But do they? You can’t be sure.
There’s a simple solution. Students, trainees, or employees record and upload from their phones. Work and practice you can see.

Precise feedback.
Rich dialogue.

Teachers, coaches, managers, or peers give feedback when it matters. You type a comment, the video stops, your feedback is placed right there. Feedback that’s right to the point.

The numbers from UBC - Vancouver, for example

Students a year
Views of Comments
WeVu is also a powerful, all-purpose video management system for your program, college, school, university, or business

But in fact we care more that learners are practicing and getting feedback. The fact that WeVu does old-fashioned watch-and-learn video is just a bonus.