Observa y escucha mejor aprendizaje y desempeño

Los estudiantes y empleados graban sus habilidades para recibir retroalimentación y evaluaciones.

Crea una conexión mas personal al dar feedback específico sobre sus habilidades. Hay mejor aprendizaje, entrenamiento, y desempeño.

¿Alguna vez has escrito comentarios en momentos específicos de un video? Nuestros usuarios dicen que es fácil, efectivo, gratificante, y hasta divertido. Inténtalo.
Los estudiantes y empleados mejoran sus habilidades, desarrollan confianza, y tienen mejor desempeño.  
También te ahorras tiempo y dinero

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Observa como WeVu puede ayudar en...

Aprendizaje de Idiomas
Aprendizaje de Oficios
Entrenamiento Deportivo


Entrenadores Instructores

Es genial estar en el mismo lugar a la misma vez. Pero piensa en lo que te ahorrarías si dieras retroalimentación y verificaras su desempeño remotamente.




Grábate en tu teléfono y luego súbelo para recibir feedback y ser evaluado en cualquier momento y lugar. Así, podrás mejorar tu aprendizaje.

Es una solución completa para evaluar habilidades y rendimiento

Puedes compartir archivos en clases o grupos o equipos de trabajo, con comentarios precisos. Video, audio, PDF, e imágenes en un solo lugar.

Mejor Aprendizaje.
Mejor Rendimiento.

Y más fácil.

Puedes empezar pidiéndole a tus estudiantes o empleados que suban una grabación propia. Luego tú los marcas con comentarios específicos de tiempo con retroalimentación y evaluaciones.

Observa el trabajo y rendimiento de tus empleados o trabajadores, pero sin los inconvenientes de las conferencias en tiempo real.

Los estudiante, aprendices, atletas, y empleados necesitan tu feedback y el de sus compañeros. WeVu te permite hacerlo remota y asincrónicamente - es decir, no en tiempo real, sin la necesidad de programar una reunión y requerir un determinado ancho de banda.

Grabar con tu teléfono ha creado una revolución para el aprendizaje, entrenamiento, y operaciones de campo.

Seguro no has pensado en todas las cosas que podrías mejorar y facilitar si tuvieras una manera de compartir y discutir videos, audio, imágenes, y PDFs en un solo lugar. Esto podría ser entre maestro y estudiantes, o gerente y empleados.

Nuestros Usuarios


UBC Education - Teacher Candidates

Future teachers are asked to give mini lessons. Usually you have your peers comment during the class but you can learn much more if you have a video of what you have done. You can learn even more if you and your peers can comment on the video.

Marina Milner-Bolotin , Associate Professor

Selkirk College Nursing

I actually just did the WeVu set up and think I have created the assignment myself. This program is really slick!

Julia Langham , Instructor, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

UBC - Vancouver School of Music

This is a fantastic way for students to review their own playing and for professors to give highly specific feedback.

Dr. Rob Taylor , Professor, Director of Bands

Basketball - 16U

This really helped my game, and my confidence. Sometimes I think my 'real' coach doesn't understand me. My WeVu coach gave me three important things to work on and it really paid off.

Evan , Point Guard

Indiana Wesleyan Music

WeVu has been a remarkable asset in my conducting classroom! The students are able to dive in deeply to assess every detail of their conducting technique and comment on it in a very specific way. As their teacher, the ability to ask direct questions and give specific feedback is invaluable!

Davy Chinn , Community Arts Coordinator; Instructor of Music

UBC Okanagan School of Nursing

At UBC-O School of Nursing, we used the system to record, share and annotate our mental health simulations amongst students and staff, and immediately recognized that this system was superior to any existing simulation recording software!

Colleen DuManoir , Nursing Lab and Sim Coordinator

University of Novi Sad, Serbia

I am really satisfied with WeVu and my students love it. It offers a lot of possibilities in the classroom. I would love to use it again next academic year.

Vesna Bulatovic , English Language Instructor

UBC French Department

This allowed me to create a presentation that I did not have to present in front of an entire class. I could record it at home, which meant I did not have to find childcare for my son, which I would have if we had presented in office hours. I still got the practice and feedback from my prof.

Anonymous , Student

University of Victoria School of Music

It is a great tool, especially in situations when there is no time for talk.

Ajtony Csaba , Assistant Professor, Orchestra and Conducting, University of Victoria

Selkirk College Nursing

I really enjoy commenting on the videos, I watch them in 1.5 time so it’s quite fast. The students are truly appreciating the process now, there is much less stress, and more time for reflection… Overall we love it! just working out our own kinks with new technology and then updating our course outlines to match the new process.

Jocelyn Schroeder , Faculty

Queen's University Music

'They were happier; I was happier.' I used WeVu with a guitar class. Two tests were on WeVu.
A great deal of class time was saved for instruction instead of summative assessment.
Some students tend not to perform well in front of others. Allowing uploads removed the nervousness factor.
Students can record many takes and submit their best performances through WeVu. So I can set higher standards for their performances.
It is much easier to give detailed feedback through WeVu than during an in-class session.

I allowed students to submit videos well before deadlines. I was able to assess and give feedback on their submissions within a day, allowing them to re-record, re-submit before the deadline and obtain higher grades. They were happier; I was happier.

Jeff Hanlon , Guitar Professor

UBC School of Music

I think WeVu is a really good device, especially for learning conducting. I am glad my professor decided to use this system. THANK YOU very much for designing and bringing this interface to university learning!

Student , Conducting Student

Eric Jones Piano

I see video as a key strategy for motivating students and helping them to be exposed to both great performances and feedback on their own playing.

Eric Jones , Private Piano Teacher

Teaching Music Online with WeVu

WeVu has made quality online violin “lessons” possible. My students upload videos to WeVu. I then leave WeVu comments. After the student has had time to look over the comments, we meet up via Zoom for 10 - 30 minutes to discuss whatever couldn’t be addressed by my WeVu comments. I was thrilled that WeVu solved the Zoom problems of terrible tone quality, a constantly-freezing stream, and sound that doesn’t align with the motion. However, my students and I have quickly discovered other advantages: having to make recordings has proven to be motivational for practice and being able to see and hear exactly what I’m talking about has helped students understand what they need to change.

I heartily recommend WeVu for people teaching online music lessons.

Cindy Moyer , Chair and Professor of Music, Violin, Humboldt State University

UBC Languages

In just five minutes, I can create an original assignment that provides students with an hour’s worth of meaningful and collaborative engagement.

Five clicks, and I have turned a YouTube video into a meaningful exercise for my classroom of language learners.

Florian Gassner , Senior Instructor of German

UBC Political Science

I was very impressed with the student discussion on the video. Many students told me they enjoyed that component of the course. I think that part of it was that the videos were pretty fun, but part of it was that even the shy students who have a hard time speaking in a class of 60 could contribute there.

Dominik Stecula , Instructor

UBC Japanese Language

A great tool because it allows both recording of student speech and precise feedback through the annotation tool.

Misuzu Kazama , Senior Instructor

UBC - Vancouver School of Music

I think WeVu is a really good device, especially for learning conducting. I am glad my professor decided to use this system. THANK YOU very much for designing and bringing this interface to university learning!

Student , Conducting Student

Trinity Western University Nursing

I want to say how much the students and I are enjoying WeVu for learning/demonstrating their practice of nursing skills.

Anne Redmond , Nursing Instructor

Douglas College Nursing

WeVu is such a great piece of technology that isn’t complicated and lets students share their face-to-face skills work in safe environment, even during COVID-19.

Best of all feedback from faculty is personalized and timely!

Nina Blanes , Nursing Instructor

UBC Political Science

I’ve always tried to use presentations in my graduate seminars as a way to develop teaching and research presentation skills. WeVu allows me to more actively mentor graduate students in their presentation and teaching skills with detailed notes and questions, leaving valuable seminar time for discussion and analysis of bigger questions.

Gerald Baier , Associate Professor

U Queensland Business

I have successfully used WeVu in several undergraduate courses, both to promote student engagement in reviewing each other’s in-class presentations, and to provide my own feedback to students on those same presentations. Using WeVu noticeably increased not only the quantity but also the quality of commentary students gave and received, and enabled me to give more precise feedback tailored to specific moments in the presentation. I warmly recommend it.

Dr. Kate Power , Lecturer, Communication and Rhetoric

San Fransisco State University - Business Communications

I think the program is great and would like to give it another go.

Vanessa Powers , Lecturer

Musical Theatre at St. Lawrence College

The students are all saying how this platform is a total game changer. They are solidly addicted to the feedback and it is making all our lives easier. Then I can engage with each student individually in the F2F class time to clarify the feedback, elevate the discussion and give more specific advice, and I can direct students to the exact moment in the WeVu videos so they can see exactly what we are talking about. It's making everything more efficient, and increasing student engagement in a modality where engagement is a huge barrier.

Thanks again - I'm a convert for sure!!

Patrick Burwell , Professor

Rowan University

We enjoyed very much using WeVu last semester, in particular with the Conducting class. It was an ideal format for making comments on student-submitted videos, and we took advantage of that all the way through the semester. I also used my Wind Ensemble & Concert Band sites in WeVu on a couple of video projects and results there were also positive.

Joseph Higgins , Director of Bands

Aprende. Casi Todo.

Aprendizaje de     Idiomas

Ya sea en persona o a distancia, los estudiantes podrán practicar idiomas por su propia cuenta en casa, grabando un audio o video y subiéndolo fácilmente a WeVu, para obtener feedback de sus profesores

Presentaciones, ventas, negociaciones

Los estudiantes y aprendices se podrán grabar mientras practican sus presentaciones. Primero, se podrán ver y reflexionar sobre la calidad de su trabajo. Luego, podrán recibir feedback. WeVu es utilizado para practicar argumentos jurídicos en un tribunales ficticios, para responder a objeciones de venta, o para presentar investigaciones académicas o planes de negocios.

Música y Teatro

Los estudiantes se graban y se observan dirigiendo o tocando sus instrumentos, y reciben comentarios de sus profesores y ´los otros músicos de su conjunto. Cualquier estudiante que grabe y suba videos para su clase, podrá colaborar y luego recibir feedback sobre lo que han hecho. Para clases privadas de música, pueden subir fragmentos de sus prácticas entre sesiones y así sus maestros podrán comprobar que verdaderamente están practicando. 

Enfermería y Salud

Los estudiantes graban su práctica o sus simulaciones en grupos, suben el video, y reciben comentarios de sus instructores a lo largo del video. Lo usan para las evaluaciones de pacientes y para realizar simulacros de su desempeño, mejorando rápidamente y adquiriendo más confianza.

Habilidades y Oficios

Usa WeVu para todo lo que sea práctico y suficientemente seguro para que los estudiantes puedan grabarse haciéndolo. Se puede usar dentro de tu mismo negocio o para los aprendices en su campo de acción. Los estudiantes se graban, y los mentores aprueban o les dan feedback. Con WeVu, podrás documentar tus habilidades y aptitudes para satisfacer requisitos de tu título o certificación.

WeVu hace mucho más que reproducir videos

Estas son algunas de las increíbles características de WeVu

  • Comenta sobre la línea de tiempo del video
  • Proporciona feedback y evaluación entre compañeros.
  • Comparte comentarios con maestros, grupos, o clases
  • Facilita el flujo de trabajo y proceso de calificación para maestros
  • Comenta con texto, audio, o video 
  • Utiliza las mismas funcionalidades con Los archivos de audios e imágenes
  • Crea y mira transcripciones

  • Graba con tu teléfono o con cualquier cámara
  • Casillas recibir evaluación y dar feedback
  • Importa videos de YouTube y servicios de nube
  • Analiza instructores o programas
  • Almacena tus logros y avances e integra un sitio de WeVu en cualquier LMS o página web
  • Implementa cualquier sitio de WeVu en cualquier LMS o página web
  • Mantén un sitio personal y úsalo como tu portfolio digital