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See and hear your learners perform

Give pinpoint feedback to help them get better.

Students or employees use their phones to record their skills for feedback and assessment.

They get better because they get specific feedback at exact moments on video, audio, images, or pdfs.

Here, a student recorded herself practicing skills.

The professor gave pinpoint time-specific feedback.

WeVu Screen with Comments Feedback

Have you ever made time-specific comments on a video? 
Or pinpoint comments on images and pdfs?

Students and employees improve their skills, build confidence, and perform better.

You'll probably save time and money too.

See how WeVu helps in...

Health Professions Education
Language Learning
Business Operations & Fieldwork
Trades Education
Music and Arts Education
Sports Training





It's great being in the same place at the same time. But think what you'd save by giving feedback & checking performance remotely. 





Self-record on your phone and then upload for feedback and assessment anywhere, anytime.
Better Learning.

Some of Our Users

A complete media solution for skills and performance assessment

Sharing files in classes or groups or work teams, with pinpoint comments. 
Video, audio, PDF, and images all in one place.

Better Learning. 
Better Performance.


You can start by having learners or employees upload self-recordings. You mark them up with time-specific comments for feedback and assessment.

See your learners and workforce perform without the trouble of real-time video-conferencing.

Students, trainees, athletes, and employees need feedback on what they're doing. WeVu makes it possible to do that remotely, but asynchronously - it's not in real time, with the need for setting a meeting time and having the bandwidth.

Video recording on phones 
is a revolution for learning, training, and field operations

You probably haven't even thought of all the things you could do better and more easily if you had a way to share and discuss video, audio, images, and PDFs all in one place, with teacher and student, or manager and employee, roles.

See how WeVu works.


Musical Theatre at St. Lawrence College

The students are all saying how this platform is a total game changer. They are solidly addicted to the feedback and it is making all our lives easier. Then I can engage with each student individually in the F2F class time to clarify the feedback, elevate the discussion and give more specific advice, and I can direct students to the exact moment in the WeVu videos so they can see exactly what we are talking about. It's making everything more efficient, and increasing student engagement in a modality where engagement is a huge barrier.

Thanks again - I'm a convert for sure!!

Patrick Burwell , Professor

Douglas College Nursing

WeVu is such a great piece of technology that isn’t complicated and lets students share their face-to-face skills work in safe environment, even during COVID-19.

Best of all feedback from faculty is personalized and timely!

Nina Blanes , Nursing Instructor

Trinity Western University Nursing

I want to say how much the students and I are enjoying WeVu for learning/demonstrating their practice of nursing skills.

Anne Redmond , Nursing Instructor

Teaching Music Online with WeVu

WeVu has made quality online violin “lessons” possible. My students upload videos to WeVu. I then leave WeVu comments. After the student has had time to look over the comments, we meet up via Zoom for 10 - 30 minutes to discuss whatever couldn’t be addressed by my WeVu comments. I was thrilled that WeVu solved the Zoom problems of terrible tone quality, a constantly-freezing stream, and sound that doesn’t align with the motion. However, my students and I have quickly discovered other advantages: having to make recordings has proven to be motivational for practice and being able to see and hear exactly what I’m talking about has helped students understand what they need to change.

I heartily recommend WeVu for people teaching online music lessons.


Queen's University Music

'They were happier; I was happier.' I used WeVu with a guitar class. Two tests were on WeVu.
A great deal of class time was saved for instruction instead of summative assessment.
Some students tend not to perform well in front of others. Allowing uploads removed the nervousness factor.
Students can record many takes and submit their best performances through WeVu. So I can set higher standards for their performances.
It is much easier to give detailed feedback through WeVu than during an in-class session.

I allowed students to submit videos well before deadlines. I was able to assess and give feedback on their submissions within a day, allowing them to re-record, re-submit before the deadline and obtain higher grades. They were happier; I was happier.

Jeff Hanlon , Guitar Professor

UBC Languages

In just five minutes, I can create an original assignment that provides students with an hour’s worth of meaningful and collaborative engagement.

Five clicks, and I have turned a YouTube video into a meaningful exercise for my classroom of language learners.

Florian Gassner , Senior Instructor of German

University of Novi Sad, Serbia

I am really satisfied with WeVu and my students love it. It offers a lot of possibilities in the classroom. I would love to use it again next academic year.

Vesna Bulatovic , English Language Instructor

San Fransisco State University - Business Communications

I think the program is great and would like to give it another go.

Vanessa Powers , Lecturer

UBC Japanese Language

A great tool because it allows both recording of student speech and precise feedback through the annotation tool.

Misuzu Kazama , Senior Instructor

UBC - Vancouver School of Music

This is a fantastic way for students to review their own playing and for professors to give highly specific feedback.

Dr. Rob Taylor , Professor, Director of Bands

Indiana Wesleyan Music

WeVu has been a remarkable asset in my conducting classroom! The students are able to dive in deeply to assess every detail of their conducting technique and comment on it in a very specific way. As their teacher, the ability to ask direct questions and give specific feedback is invaluable!


U Queensland Business

I have successfully used WeVu in several undergraduate courses, both to promote student engagement in reviewing each other’s in-class presentations, and to provide my own feedback to students on those same presentations. Using WeVu noticeably increased not only the quantity but also the quality of commentary students gave and received, and enabled me to give more precise feedback tailored to specific moments in the presentation. I warmly recommend it.

Learning. Almost Anything.

Language Learning

In person or distance - students can all practice speaking on their own at home, recording audio or video and uploading to WeVu easily. Then they get feedback as text and audio from their teachers. Thousands of students learn languages with WeVu.

Presentations, sales, negotiations

Learners and trainees self-record as they role-play or present. First, they watch themselves and reflect. Then they get feedback. People are using it to practice legal arguments in a moot court, to answer sales objections, and to present academic research or business pitches and plans.

Presentations & Sales

Learners and trainees self-record as they role-play or present. First, they watch themselves and reflect. Then they get feedback. People are using it to practice legal arguments in a moot court, to answer sales objections, and to present academic research or business pitches and plans.

Music and Theatre

Students record and watch themselves playing or conducting and get comments from the professor as well as from other players in an ensemble. Any students making videos for classes can collaborate and then get feedback on what they’ve made. For private music teaching, students upload clips of their mid-week practice so teachers see that they're actually practicing.

Nursing and Health

Students practice or do simulations in groups, upload their video, and get comments on the video timeline from their instructors. They’re using it for patient assessments and clinical skills simulations. Fast improvement and more confidence.

Skills and Trades

For anything hands-on where it's safe enough to have the students recorded. In the shop or for apprentices on job sites. Student records, journeyperson gives feedback and approval. Use WeVu for documenting competencies along the way to a Red Seal or ticket.

WeVu does much more than video playback 

Features. These are just some of WeVu's amazing features.

  • Comments on the video timeline
  • Comments shared with teacher, group, or class
  • Peer feedback & peer assessment
  • Comment with text, audio
  • Feedback & grading workflow for teachers
  • Transcript maker & viewer
  • Audio and image files with the same group annotation capabilities
  • Record from phones or any camera
  • Assignment hand-in boxes for teacher comment & grading
  • Import from YouTube & cloud services
  • Analytics for instructors or programs
  • Archiving of competencies
  • Embed WeVu site or individual videos in any LMS or website
  • Learners keep a personal site to use for a digital portfolio

WeVu is 5 to 10 times less expensive than similar systems!

Compare WeVu with GoReact, Bongo, Vosaic, Bridge Practice, Edthena, Rehearsal...